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It’s about you!

Liberalism is a political theory, that is, a view of the world and society from a political point of view. Its basic principle is that all people are equal and therefore should have equal rights and obligations.

Contrary to other theories that want man to be subjugated to mass groups, Liberalism recognizes the sanctity of life and independence of each individual separately within the institutionalized society.

For Liberalism there is no better state than democracy because there citizens can determine themselves and decide on their common future.

Democracy, however, must be “liberal” and not just “majoritarian”. This means that there is a clear separation of powers, opposite views are respected, and minorities are institutionally protected from the majority’s tyranny.

Liberalism supports blending of views and harmonious coexistence of all political proposals. Authority, degradation and social fragmentation end up dismantling the social fabric. They violate political rights.

Therefore, only a liberal can fight passionately for the rules of law and human rights because these represent his core values.

You are free!

Liberals support that every person should be free to develop his personality, live his life, and achieve his goals as long as he does not affect the freedom of others.

It’s your rights!

Today, human rights are clearly defined by international organizations, such as the UN. These are rights that belong to us as a result of our human existence. They protect our freedom and dignity.

Human rights are for everyone, not for a few! Skin color, race, religion or sexual orientation do not matter.

Where power violates human rights people suffer, societies destabilize, and hatred and unrest reproduce.


Equality is a fundamental human right. As with other fundamental rights, there is a debate about what exactly equality means. All liberals agree that equality means equal opportunities for everyone and at the same time, provision, as a “safety net”, for the weakest.

State of justice

Ιn a liberal and democratic society, equality is a prerequisite. Through democratic processes, society sets the laws and (independent) justice implements them without interference.

Individual Freedoms


The basis for the aforementioned liberal views lies in the individual, who holds rights and obligations. Freedom of choice is the key for the individual to live freely, without restrictions on his freedoms.

Covid-19 pandemic arose the need for a strong state. However, this carries risks regarding civil liberties. In addition to preventive measures such as lockdown and work suspension, restrictions on freedom of press, waste of public resources and issues in the administration of justice have been observed.

Liberalism is incompatible with authoritarian attitudes; it must denounce them and fight for the protection of freedom.

Social market economy

Liberals believe in the smooth running of the market – not what is vaguely stated as “economy”. We believe that when the market works, with institutions and free competition, then the economy grows, unemployment decreases and citizens enjoy better living standards.

Therefore, we are “pro-market” advocates and not “pro-business”.  

Many confuse liberalism with neoliberalism (Thatcherism) and anarcho-capitalism. Crony capitalism, statism, large bureaucracies and political interventions result in undermining of competition and the emergence of monopoly systems.

COVID-19 crisis provides opportunities for major structural reforms and alignment of prosperity with freedom and sustainability.

Ensuring economic freedom is a prerequisite for preventing the spread of poverty and climate change.

Financial freedom allows for individual choice, casual conciliation and free entry and participation in the market.

An open economy gives consumers the freedom to make the best possible choice. Simultaneously, companies have the opportunity to compete in a healthy environment.

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