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We are the liberal political youth of Greece. Liberals because we embrace the ideals of freedom, democracy and progress for the new generation!

Non-partisan because we are not affiliated with any political party or body.

Independent because we are responsible for our own operations. We are not influenced by any third party.

We deal with contemporary social and political issues. Our team consists of young students,

businessmen, scientists and people who desire Greece to make a difference.

We establish a liberal network of communication and negotiation among young people in Greece.

We offer a network of dialogue, giving voice to all those who are expressed by the existing structures. At a time in which trust in institutions has been shaken, we fight for social freedom, human rights, youth entrepreneurship and free access to education. We are fighting for Greece to reach the global and European standards.

We are against prejudice and stereotyping.

We are strongly related to other liberals in Europe and the rest of the world. We are members of the most important liberal organizations.

We often organize educational visits and missions to European centers and neighboring countries. The initiatives aim to inform and develop members. They allow exchange of ideas and views among similar minded individuals with alike visions for the future.

We strengthen Greek presence in the international liberal forums. We Greeks are present everywhere!

Overall, we aim to strengthen liberal values and fight discrimination. We aim to provide solutions to important issues that plague society, but remain unresolved due to the polarization and indifference of those responsible.

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