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Press release 

On the 15th of March, a group of 4 youth organisations based in South-Eastern Europe are launching an innovative and unique project to collect data and opinions from young people living in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina on education. The project is financed by and implemented with the help of the European Liberal Youth pan-European organisation (LYMEC). This survey is to be completed online to ensure all safety measures for the participants. All data collected is anonymous and GDPR compliant. 

With this project, we want to learn what young South-Eastern Europeans think about the education systems in their countries and what we could learn from one another. The survey has 2 main pillars: international mobility experiences and access to mental health therapy in schools. As liberals, we strongly believe that the center of the educational system should be the pupil/student. We want young people to make their voice heard and share their thoughts. 

Our main objectives:

  • to make young South-Eastern Europeans’ voices heard
  • to identify best practices on education in the Balkans
  • to connect young people living in the region 
  • to write public policies based on the answers to the survey

Important upcoming dates:

15th of March – launch of the survey

April/May – 3 webinars on education with panel experts from all 4 countries

July – launch of public policies proposal lists 

September – the public policies proposal list is put on the table of decision-makers in all 4 states.

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